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MorningWorks Studio is a small design + make workshop located in rural Sonoma County, California. We create furniture and objects that combine our love for modern design with our interest in traditional handcraft.

Originally based in Los Angeles and founded by Sean Wood, the first iteration of our studio was a custom hot rod upholstery shop. That was 30+ years ago, and progressions through architecture, home building, and furniture design have ensued.

Today MorningWorks is still Sean Wood - and Leslie Wood - with support from a small team of talented and dedicated individuals. Each day we create modern furniture of our own design, catered to our client’s specifications.

​ Several qualities are common to all of our work.  It’s all modern, interpreted in an eclectic way that is unique to our studio. Everything we make  is  handwork-intensive and expressive of the skill and craft that goes into its creation. And every piece is built to the highest standard, ensuring enjoyment and utility for your lifetime and even beyond. 

Passion drives this studio; passion for design, for craftsmanship, for textile, and for skill. Its an immersion in light and shadow, color, balance, proportion and expression. Our roots are in craft, with a deep respect for the masters that came before us and to those who practice today. Days in our studio are long and loud and usually happy. We show up before sunrise and leave when it’s dark. There are no managers, no time cards, no meetings. Our commute is 50 walking steps. We live this.

Occidental Chair no name_edited.jpg

​​All this is to say that we bring our passion to the furniture we sell, and it shows. We make modern pieces in an old school way, and imbue each piece with the story and style that is distinctly MorningWorks.

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