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Who is MorningWorks? 

 MorningWorks is a small family owned studio in rural Northern California. At its core it is just the two of us, Leslie Wood and myself, Sean Wood. I do the design and fabrication and Leslie takes care of the essential behind the scenes tasks that keep everything afloat. 

Where are your pieces made and where do you source your materials?   

We make our furniture in a small barn workshop in rural Sonoma County, about an hour north of San Francisco. We love our community and try to source raw materials as local as possible. Our lumber supplier is in our neighboring town, finishes come from a fellow maker in Oregon, adhesives are sourced from Sacramento. The paper cord is manufactured in Denmark and our supplier is a small store in Los Angeles. We source our leathers and fabrics further afield - Pennsylvania, Italy, Denmark, France and Germany.


Can I afford bespoke furniture? 

 Regarding price, know this - MorningWorks is not in the business of making precious, “cost is no object” gallery art pieces. Our goal is to make beautiful and useable furniture that is accessible to many. To give you an idea of the zone, most of what we make would be price competitive in a DWR store. And while not cheap, we build for the love of craft – you will be getting a lot of that for your dollar. 

Where can I get MorningWorks? 

In 2021 we decided to become completely independent.  We now sell our furniture direct from our studio and you can purchase online from this website, or email us and we can provide you a formal quote and go forward from there. In our experience, selling direct is the most modern and streamlined way for small makers to do business, and it enhances communication with our clients. It also allows us to offer the best pricing possible. 

Am I limited to the fabrics and leathers you list as your standard options?

Absolutely not! Most designers provide us with what is referred to as COM (customer's own material). Do you like something you have seen on this website or our Instagram page? Email us and we can probably source it for you.

The fabrics and leathers we offer are sort of the greatest hits, those textiles that we deemed our favorite over years of working with many brands and types. We include our standard textiles in the base cost of the chair and typically we maintain an inventory of these materials.

Does MorningWorks do custom work?   

Our general approach is to invest the time it takes to design a chair or table as perfectly as we are capable of. This can take weeks or months, sometimes even longer. When we feel the made object has arrived to this point, it goes into our catalog. That’s where you take over. The opportunities to make your piece really YOU are quite broad. Options include different wood types, fabrics, leathers, cords and more. 


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