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Roadster Lounge Chair

The Roadster lounge chair is low and attitudinal. It looks fast sitting still and that is what we had in mind. Inspired by another form of mid-20th century design, the genesis of this chair came from our love of open air sports cars, especially those of European descent. A complex back leg and armrest imparts a sense of motion, and the stance looks ready to pounce. Take a look at the flowing lines and fine upholstery. The oiled frame, available in White Oak or Walnut, consists of no less than 50 pieces of wood; individually cut, shaped and fitted. Its a time consuming build making this chair, but every one is a labor of love.


Oh and did we mention that the Roadster is quite comfortable? We layer different densities of padding over its bent laminated frame to achieve a firm but not too firm loungy feel.  

If you are looking for a sporty and modern chair, one that expresses beautiful craftsmanship at every turn, take a cruise in our Roadster.

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