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Highback Dining Chair

For those who want a truly elegant dining chair that overflows with handwork, consider our most popular model, the Highback Chair by MorningWorks.  The building of this chair is truly an exercise in craft and it takes the better part of a week of dedicated time to make each one. Another quality the Highback is known for is its feel - this is a uniquely comfortable chair. Special attention has been given to the way the flowing backrest fits with the human spine, giving support in all the right places. The design is quite spare and raw--a very light chair it is--with its slender hand-sewn back and woven seat. 

Each time I build a Highback I'm struck by two impressions. The first is wow, these take a lot of shop time to make. Sanding, shaping, oiling, hand sewing, weaving, and on it goes. When the final step has been completed, I move the chair from the sewing table to the floor, dust myself off and have a sit. And my second impression is always the same - I love this chair.

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