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60" Watkins Bench

This 60" woven bench was originally made to order for a client requiring a long and lightweight chair to sit at a dining table. We modeled it closely after our existing Watkins Bench and added a center leg to achieve the required strength. At five feet long this bench certainly has presence, and works great at a table, behind a couch or along a wall.

The Watkins is our most popular bench due in no small part to its broad handwoven seat which immediately draws your eye. Combine this with comfortable armrests (which work great as handles when moving it about) and you get a fine piece of furniture that makes a strong statement without shouting. This bench comes standard with a Danish cord seat but we have also had good luck accommodating client requests to fully upholster it (images here). The Watkins also lends itself to custom sizing, which we are happy to discuss.

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