DEREK dining chair

Crisp Shapes, fine woodworking and a woven seat – these are the qualities that distinguish the Derek chair. The inspiration for this model came from the humble and ubiquitous folding chair, especially the manner in which the seat and legs interface. The architecture of this classic is just easy to love. And from this shape we did our thing, and created a strong lap joined frame with some subtle curves to accept your back more comfortably. Sand and oil, sand and oil – the White Oak or Walnut frame is carefully finished by hand, And finally, the woven seat completes the idea, and takes things to a different level comfort wise. (We can do these with upholstered or wooden seats as well. We’ve also done mixed sets– woven seats for the adult’s chairs, wooden seats where the kids sit).

This is one of our favorite chairs for both dining and desk use – in fact its been our personal choice in our own home for years. How well do these hold up? Last time we did an open studio weekend we needed a showroom model of the Derek on short notice so I grabbed the one from our dining table. It had been in use for four years and looked as good as new.

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