BOWTIE coffee table

There is something psychologically grounding about a table made of solid wood, especially so with a coffee table. Wood has the look and feel that just says "home".  Beyond that, when made and finished properly, a wood table ages beautifully and gains more character and beauty with time. To my eye at least, simple works better than complex in this setting. and I'd prefer to let my books and boxes and candles and whatever do the talking.  The table needs to be beautiful but it can also  be backdrop.


So my challenge when asked to make a high end wooden coffee table was how to combine these qualities that I find comforting with elements that would give the piece a strong presence on its own accord. The Bowtie Table is the result.

The Bowtie is so called because of the unique shape of its top. Said top is made of generous planks of solid wood, the example in the images above being White Oak. Hand shaped legs and a robust undercarriage are assembled with mortise and tenon joinery. We finish this table with a combination of oils, polyurathanes and water based sealers, to give you the best qualities of each where you need it.

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